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24 May 2010 @ 01:04 pm
Hello all! Why yes, I live...

Just to start off, because I've finally gotten around to noticing that there are several people watching this community who a) might be wondering where the hell I went and b) might be disappointed in the relatively thin spread of fandom material, here is an apology for my unforgivable lack of - well, anything.

Those who know me will know that what happened over the past six months is that, in a nutshell, my creative life - well, my life in general - went completely to pot. To hell in a handbag. To - well, insert your own fun phrase here. Now, however, I am not only able to update this comm with a few (frankly sad) efforts I completed during that six-month stretch, but I am going to be completing new fics as fast as I can make myself type to try and make up for my absence.

At the moment I have plans for fics for Band of Brothers, Top Gear (completing the RAF AR for a start), possibly The Chronicles of Prydain, and, of course, many and sundry footie fics (it's World Cup season, hee!). I'll be mini-spamming your f-lists sometime later today with catch-up offerings... oh, and I'm open for requests again! And this time I actually mean it!

That's the plan, anyway. Thanks for sticking with me and for commenting, and enjoy!
11 October 2020 @ 08:30 am

This is where y'all ask for things.

Can't guarantee speedy completion, but I will try my darndest!

Love, AKA.

EDIT: This comm is now members-only if you want to read the fics. Membership is moderated, but I'm not picky; just press the button!